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166 sent home for violating Wilson schools dress code

Posted November 12, 2009
Updated November 13, 2009

— More than 150 middle-school students in Wilson County will serve a three-day suspension for violating the school system's dress code, schools spokesman Bob Kendall said.

The 166 students were all first-time offenders of the Wilson County Schools' dress code, which was recently expanded to the middle school level, he said.

At the high school level at the beginning of the school year, about 100 students were sent home for low-riding pants or un-tucked shirts. The same thing was happening this week at the six middle schools and Daniels Learning Center.

The students, suspended Thursday, make up about 6 percent of the 2,700 students at the middle school level, Kendall said.

Wilson schools spokeswoman Amber Whitley noted that the punishment for dress code violations has also changed.

At the beginning of the school year, students would serve lunch detention for a first offense, after-school detention for a second offense and a three-day suspension for a third offense.

Now, she said, first and all subsequent violations of the policy result in three-day suspensions.


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  • arfamr1005 Nov 13, 2009

    too many kids these days are punks who think they can do whatever they want and have ZERO respect for authority. kids wearing baggy jeans to the bottom of their but cheeks, even little skater kids wearing tappered leg jeans that sag WELL below the waste. Generally when asked to pull them up (especially in front of other students) they try to act hard and blow off whoever is asking. I was in highschool only 8 years ago and this is how it was (as a senior) and the new classes coming in were worse still. my younger brothers generation made mine look like angels. parents need to man up and start beating these kids so they know that ADULTS run the show, not their little punk behinds!!

  • familyfour Nov 13, 2009

    They are also in the toilet because apparently, our kids have been purchasing their grades.....

  • jakobsmomjenn Nov 13, 2009

    as far as female students covering up they can not wear shirts that go over their pockets.... the other dress code stuff has always been enforced (mid section revealed, low neck lines etc)

  • jakobsmomjenn Nov 13, 2009

    Good evening all.... I want to clarify my sons case and why I was upset.... it is not a matter of him NOT following the rules... it as a matter of him walking out of the bathroom and has the front portion of his shirt tucked in and was in the process of tucking in the back trying not to be late to class....

    I agree with dress codes...My son has worn uniforms and had more strict dress codes than they do here...

    But a child that is walking around with it completly untucked is TOTALLY different than a child trying to tuck it in.....

    It is NOT the teachers job to enforce this... I am very aware of this but my son wearing a polo shirt to school and trying to wear it properly .... to me is NOT what this rule is made... He has NEVER had a detention for Dress Code.... I heard abut this last week for the first time.... and it is on NONE of the middle schools web sites as of about 1pm today!

  • DasStonecutter Nov 13, 2009

    This is laughable. Why are NC schools in the toilet? ...Must be 'cause the kids are dressing like thugs!

    I might believe that this will have any impact besides satisfying the old fogies who believe that "those dang-fool-kids today just don't have respect" if anyone could produce evidence that public school students get better test scores because of uniforms or dress codes. Most unbiased testing shows it makes no difference.

    When will we finally realize the root problem behind all of our public school issues is that we keep trying to run it on the cheap? We need above all else better teachers, we need to keep kids in school eight hours a day (not including lunch), and we need smaller classrooms. We need more resource officers with guns and metal detectors at school entrances to keep kids safe. These things cost money.

    But I'm sure practicing tucking their shirt in will help Wilson students just as much.

  • circlecity Nov 13, 2009

    Saggin pants have helped the police becaue it is hard to run and hold up your pants at the same time

  • mareid Nov 13, 2009

    wildcat you said disrespectful thats how I fell when I hear it why cant it be called something else? Wearing you pants under your bottom why saggin?thats the point.It has been used forever but you never looked at it like that that was my point to maybe use another term

  • Connected1 Nov 13, 2009

    Unfortunately, a lot of these students are probably looking for a 3-day suspension. It's no wonder the idea of school uniforms never really fades away -- certainly in this situation, it's probably the right answer. Kids need to learn respect, and sadly, most of them do not learn it at home these days.

  • mareid Nov 13, 2009

    due_whats_right the comment was at the end, who named it saggin that was my point? It is no difference from low rider jeans who named it that its just ironic the if you spell saggin backwards thats what you get out of all the things that you could have named it.Thats the point.

  • Garnerwolf1 Nov 13, 2009

    I agree with the policy but the punishment is punitive. 3-days for first time infraction? What's to keep some teacher who is having a bad day, or just doesn't like a kid, from charging some kid with a dress code violation out of spite? OR maybe the kid has just stood up, and didn't quite make the necessary wardrobe adjustments fast enough? I understand this can work both ways, and I hate the whole droopy drawers thing, but still sounds a little harsh to me. What happens after the second infraction, expulsion?