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16-year-old shot in Durham

Posted December 15, 2014
Updated December 16, 2014

— A 16-year-old was hospitalized Monday afternoon after he was shot on Dearborn Drive.

Family members identified the victim as Delonta Hart, a student at Northern High School who relatives and friends say is well liked.

"I didn't believe it because I wouldn't know why anyone would want to mess with him out of all people," said Keriyan Allen, a classmate.

Hart was shot near the Two Brothers Convenience Store. 

It was unclear if there was an altercation before the shooting. Neighbors and witnesses said they believe Hart was shot during a drive-by shooting and that he was shot in the head.

Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez said investigators are following strong leads but also urged for the public's help.

"I'm certain there are people out here in this community who know exactly what happened here and who is responsible and we're hopeful that they're going to come out and contact us," he said.

Allen said Hart was someone who kept other students in line. Now, he's not looking forward to the next few days of school.

"It's going to be rough," he said. "I can't talk for everybody else. But for me, it's going to be rough."

Grief counselors will be on standby Tuesday for any students who need to talk with someone.

Lopez said law enforcement and the community have been partners in solving crimes like this and hopes this incident is no different.

"I'm hopeful that the outrage about this violence really starts because we've been hearing a lot of outrage in this country for the past several months," he said. "That outrage really has to turn to the outrage of violence in this city."

No arrests were made as of Monday night.


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  • Roland Kandalbar Dec 16, 2014
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    thanks for your comment. I agree wholeheartedly.

  • heelhawk Dec 16, 2014

    a young man was shot..... yet, there seem to be some that are using this event to make inane comments like "where are the protests" and "where is Rev. Barber". This event is a tragedy for this young man and his family. If you can't resist the urge to turn this into a political or racial event, at least do so from an educated standpoint. The protests in those other, unrelated events are because the public viewed Law Enforcement as having overstepped their boundaries. No one supports criminal activity and violence, but your correlation between those events and this one doesn't hold water.

  • 678devilish Dec 16, 2014

    I do hope they find the shooter. He/she will do it again. I hope the young man will improve each second of the day. No gun control law, and this will certainly continue, people. Loaded guns in the wrong hands.ssssss

  • Cabe Merritt Dec 16, 2014
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    Best comment so far.

  • jackaroe123 Dec 16, 2014

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    You are incorrect. People are doing things ALL THE TIME to stop the violence in Black neighborhoods. Just this Fall in Durham, for example, The Walk for Life Foundation organized marches against violence for 6 Saturdays in a row. Preachers talk about our violence problem from the pulpit every Sunday and Wednesday. People like youth track coach Shareef Abdul Muhammad, himself a murder victim last month, dedicate their lives to providing hope and alternatives to gangs.

    If you want to dismiss these and so many more efforts going on at the neighborhood level as ineffective, how about we start listening to the cries for help also coming from these communities? There is only so much any one person or community can do. If we're not willing to help, too, and instead choose to roll our eyes and claim they are ducking personal responsibility, how are we demonstrating responsibility to justice and our fellow human beings?

  • cdurham Dec 16, 2014

    Let's hope someone comes forward with the identify of the shooter. I don't understand this mentality of jumping straight to a gun to settle or prove something. Praying that Delonta recovers quickly, both physically and emotionally. Sounds like he's a leader and a good guy. Also a good comment from Lopez about outrage.

  • jackaroe123 Dec 16, 2014

    This is sad whether he was a good kid or not. I'd add "Shame on you" to anyone who would dismiss it as acceptable under other circumstances.

  • mad_dash Dec 16, 2014

    This is so sad... If he was a good kid. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time. This hurts my heart! I can think of so many other people who just take up space and don't deserve to even breathe!!! And then a good kid like this gets hurt. MAKES ME ANGRY!!!!!!! And those who know - what is wrong with ya'll not telling what you know???!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!