14 signs you and your spouse are meant to be

Posted July 15

Whether you believe in soulmates or not, some people were just meant to be together. Strong marriages take a lot of work and no marriage is perfect, but that’s exactly what makes it an amazing adventure.

Here are 14 signs you and your sweetheart are meant to be:

1. You still get excited when you see each other

It’s 3 pm and all you can think about is walking through the door to see your love. When you finally see each other after a long day, you breathe a sigh of relief to be back in their arms.

2. You can agree to disagree

Nobody has the exact same views on everything, and chances are, you and your spouse disagree every once in awhile. Those things don’t matter though because you respect each other’s opinions and know that nothing can come between the love you share.

3. They’re the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen

Do you just look at your spouse and wonder how you had the privilege to marry such a beautiful person, inside and out? Everyone has flaws, but couples who are meant to be absolutely love each other’s flaws and quirks. That’s what makes your sweetheart unique!

4. You would do anything for each other

If you’re sitting on the couch at midnight and one of you suddenly craves tacos, you have full faith that your spouse will make a taco run for you. They’re 100 percent loyal to you, and will help you out with anything, big or small. They have your back!

5. You both feel like you can be completely honest

Honesty is one of the most important parts of a relationship, and sometimes it can be hard to tell the truth. Whatever your situation might be, you know your spouse will always be honest and you’ll do the same.

6. You can comfortably talk about anything

No matter how awkward the topic may be, you know you can talk to your sweetheart about it and they won’t judge or criticize you.

7. Silence doesn’t bother you

I can sit in silence with my husband for long periods of time and it’s never awkward. Sometimes it’s nice to sit and enjoy each other’s presence without filling the time with noise.

8. You can tell each other secrets

Sharing secrets with each other builds a bond that can’t be broken. If you can share vulnerable information with each other, it can bring you closer and create better trust.

9. You make each other better

You and your spouse should constantly be trying to make each other better, and trying to be better for each other. You’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders!

10. Talking about your future together is exciting

In one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs, she says “Ooh we could get married, have 10 kids and teach them how to dream.” Dreaming about a future together should be exciting, even if you don’t end up having 10 kids.

11. You apologize when you’re wrong

You always apologize when you’re in the wrong because you feel bad that you hurt the person who means the most to you, and your spouse will always forgive you.

12. You want the same things in life

You might have different opinions on what to have for dinner tonight, but your ideas are totally in sync when it comes to life goals, whatever they might be.

13. You love spending time together

There’s nothing you would rather do than spend time with your love, whether you spend a night out on the town or snuggling on your couch watching Netflix. No matter where you are, you just like to be together.

14. You’re each other’s very best friend

If you can say your spouse is your best friend, you were definitely meant to be.

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