12 people reveal the moment they knew their spouse was the one for them

Posted June 20

There comes a time in every relationship when you have to decide what the future has in store for you and your partner. Are they really “the one”?

Here are 12 stories people shared (via Reddit) when they knew their significant other was the one for them:

1. Mario Kart can tell you a lot about someone

“We were playing Mario Party with my brother and she stole a star from my brother instead of me even though I was in the lead. That's love.”

2. The two biggest mac & cheese fans found each other

“We spent 3 hours on the phone discussing mac and cheese.”

3. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

“As soon as I found out my wife can make some of the best fried shrimps and chicken kabob in the world. That's an instant I love you, you were made for me in heaven.”

4. Did you catch the bouquet?

“I've never been interested in weddings at all, but my S.O. and I were at my cousin's wedding and I suddenly started thinking about how ours might be. After that I couldn't shake the thought that he was the one I knew I'd marry.”

5. Who let the dogs out?

“First date. We were at dinner, and I got a text from my roommate that my 2 beagles had gotten loose. When I told (my date), in my head I thought "she is going to think I'm blowing her off". Instead, she volunteered to ride around with me in my neighborhood to try and find them. 2 hours later, just as I'm telling her I'll take her back to her car, the dogs come running out in front of us. She helped me wrangle them into the car.”

6. In it to win it

“We were chilling on a futon, and one of us made a joke that involved us being together at age 84. Then, there was "Wait, we'll be together at 84?" "Why not?" That's when we both realized we were in it to win it.”

7. Five-year-plan

“We went out to lunch and we just started talking about the future and she mentioned her '5 year plan' and I thought to myself....this feels like a plan I want to be a part of.”

8. A never-ending crush

“When we first met, I didn't even like him, but he grew on me and a work friendship developed. One day, I drove up to work and saw his car. My heart leapt out of my chest, I was so excited he was there. It made me stop and think. At first, I thought it was just a crush and that I'd get over it. I never did.”

9. Sometimes you find someone who just gets you

“He was waiting for me at the airport with a dozen donuts. I really, really like donuts.”

10. Is your S.O. worth it?

“I had that realization when hiking with a friend who has been like a big brother to me for a big part of my life. He was asking how things were going and offering advice and I had this moment where I looked to him and said that I was 'willing to try, to put effort forth into my relationship, every day, because I knew my then girlfriend was worth it.'"

11. Find someone who loves all your quirks

“I knew he was 'the one' when I constantly do the nerdiest/most embarrassing things my mind can come up with and he only loves me more after witnessing it.”

12. They make mundane activities fun

“I could not imagine a future without him. I knew that whatever I did in the future, I wanted to be doing it with him. Simple things, such as walking around a store while waiting to pick up a carry-out pizza order, became special if I was doing them with him.”

There isn’t always an exact “moment” when you realize the person you’re dating is meant to be with you forever. Sometimes it’s more gradual. What was the case for you and your spouse?


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