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Wendell woman accused of intentionally running over man, killing him

Posted September 10, 2014

— A Wake County grand jury on Tuesday indicted a Wendell woman on a first-degree murder charge in last year's death of a man whom authorities say she deliberately hit with her car.

Camille Meijon Silver, 23, of 2013 Meadow Lane, was initially charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle in the July 3, 2013, death of Maryland Jerome Vick, 24, whom police say Silver hit with her Nissan Altima as he was walking on East Boxley Drive in Wendell three days earlier.

"She knew him. There was animosity," Wake County Assistant District Attorney Jeff Cruden said Wednesday. "This was an intentional act, not your typical motor-vehicle crash."

Cruden said Wendell and Raleigh police and the district attorney's office have been investigating the case for the past year.

They dismissed the initial charge in August in anticipation of Tuesday's indictment.

"It took a long time," he said. "We wanted to be careful and thorough."

Family members said Wednesday that Silver's indictment has given them some peace about Vick's death. They believed from the beginning his death was intentional, his cousin, Ryan Armstrong said.

"It's a big relief," he said. "It's a big relief."

Armstrong was on the phone with Vick just before he was hit, he said, and that Vick and his girlfriend, who lives on East Boxley Drive, had been arguing. She was in the car with Silver, he said.

"He was saying a lot of stuff like, 'They're trying to run me over. They keep coming back and forth with the car,'" Armstrong said. "We're trying to tell him to stay out of the way, to get out of the way."

Armstrong said he told Vick to get away and that the next thing he heard was screaming, commotion and someone yelling, "They hit him. They hit him."

Silver was arrested Wednesday afternoon and jailed at the Wake County Detention Center without bond.


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  • Richard Hertz Sep 12, 2014
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    I don't want to sound mean or anything BUT if someone was trying to run me down I would have gotten to a safe place. But hey that is just me. If you don't protect yourself then who is?

  • Ijaz Fahted Sep 11, 2014
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    Kinda goes both ways. I can't help but think that Mr. Vick could have survived this if he had made moves to make it impossible for the vehicle to hit him. Go behind a tree, cross a deep ditch, hide behind a house, something that would prevent what sounds like someone circling and making several passes to try and hit him.

    I guess it's easy to say this in hindsight.

  • Rebelyell55 Sep 11, 2014

    Bet it don't go to trial once her lawyers see what evident they have. Remember they're pretty quick to plea bargain.

  • Lightfoot3 Sep 11, 2014

    "Would it have Eric Holder and Al Sharpton out here? Would you be charged with a hate crime?" - TheCape

    Bingo! :)

  • LocalYokel Sep 11, 2014

    First degree murder charge seems appropriate in this case.

    Second degree murder is also appropriate for death caused by aggressive drivers.

  • TheCape Sep 10, 2014

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    Would it have Eric Holder and Al Sharpton out here? Would you be charged with a hate crime?

  • Jerry Sawyer Sep 10, 2014
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    It will be good to get her in jail.

  • Kristin Byrne Sep 10, 2014
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    Watch the trial, if there is a trial. They'll present their evidence then. Prosecutors are under no obligation to present their evidence to the media, even to satisfy idle curiosity.

  • ptrrrk1 Sep 10, 2014

    What else is new…..

  • Heather Brittingham Sep 10, 2014
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    They already knew she ran him over, they just dropped the lesser charges so they could charge her with first-degree murder since they apparently think it was premeditated.