'We've made a decision': Electors prepare to cast votes for Trump

Posted December 18, 2016
Updated December 19, 2016

— The next step in the 2016 presidential election isn’t happening without controversy, as North Carolina’s presidential electors are gearing up to cast their votes in the Electoral College.

Several groups, including Unite America, are calling on electors to vote their conscience after President-elect Donald Trump won North Carolina.

A spokesman for the state Republican Party made it very clear before a Sunday afternoon press conference began that there would be no mystery in the outcome Monday. There will be 15 votes for Trump, but that didn't stop protesters from gathering to urge electors to change their mind.

"We have decided that the Electoral College will serve as ministers of the will of the people of North Carolina," said elector Mark Delk.

For protesters outside the Capital Building Sunday night, the election of Trump is not the will of all the people. They join others across the country who, until the very last vote is cast, will continue to urge electors not to vote for Trump.

"At least they're going to know how a bunch of us feel about it as far as Trump being not the kind of representative that we want the world to look at or that I want to raise my grandchildren saying this is the kind of man that we want to lead our country," said protester Richard Klett.

The state’s presidential electors arrived at the North Carolina Museum of History on Sunday afternoon to take a group photo and answer some questions before casting their votes on Monday at noon.

North Carolina is one of more than two dozen states with laws that attempt to bind the votes of presidential electors. In the state, any elector who switches a vote is subject to a $500 fine. State law also says switching a vote constitutes a resignation, so the vote would not count and remaining electors would fill the vacancy.

North Carolina’s electors said they’ve received tubs full of mail as well as emails from people asking that they change their votes, but they said not to expect any such controversy.

“I’ve gotten registered mail, I’ve gotten mail from Canada and not to mention the iMessages and the phone calls. It’s really been disappointing because we’ve made a decision,” said elector Glenn Pinckney.

Another elector said that, while they understand the right of the people to petition the government, they feel a lot of the mail they’ve received crosses over into harassment.


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  • Stacy Mercier Dec 19, 2016
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    Minus the fact that, you know, more Americans live in those states. Just because people live in the same general area does not invalidate the fact that they are Americans and deserve to have their votes count.

  • Linda Tally Dec 19, 2016
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    NC went for Trump, so Trump it shall be, as much as it sickens me to watch it happen. The nation has had inept and/or trashy elected officials before, this incoming administration isn't likely to sink the Ship of State. It will simply stink it up for a while.

  • Rick Edwards Dec 19, 2016
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    The recount in Michigan is showing how much Democrat voter fraud there was in this election, **precincts reporting 300+ votes for Hillary, when there were on 50 votes in the box etc.
    And people are blaming Putin for the WikiLeaks, when it was a Bernie supporter who leaked them.
    Now, how many of these people calling for electors to go against their word actually voted?
    I bet a minority.

  • Judy Loftin Dec 19, 2016
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    America does NOT want California and New York deciding who is President!

  • Leslie Dubs Dec 19, 2016
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    How many people do you think reside in California? There are a little more than 18.2 million eligible voters in California ( according to the state's own 2016 voting report). If there was 100% turnout and 100% of voters went democrat that wouldn't be enough votes to solely win the popular vote. People are rejecting the Electoral College because it seems antiquated and shifts power from areas of the most population. For instance, California gets 55 Electoral votes vs Wyoming's 3. With a population of 38.5 million, California's population gets only one Electoral vote per 700,000 people (38.5 million / 55), whereas Wyoming's population gets ~170,000 per one Electoral vote (~500,000/3). Wyoming's voters currently have more weight than California's voters individually. There have been many changes to the Constitution over the years as our country has grown. Let the eradication of the Electoral College be one of them.

  • Carrie Hurrelbrink Dec 18, 2016
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    Funny how the voter fraud in PA. was on the Democrats! Trump won it fairly. So, cupcake go to you're corner with your coloring book and crayons.

  • Pete Muller Dec 18, 2016
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    If Trump becomes president and it turns out that the Russian meddling was in fact decisive in the close election we had, Trump won the electoral college by less than 80000 votes, we will lose all respect in the world. Foreign countries will laugh at us for not only being so inept that the meddling could occur, but also for our weak democratic system and partisan politics that did not prevent an illegitimately chosen president although the evidence of a foreign power actually picking our president was there.

  • Charles Phillips Dec 18, 2016
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    Popular vote doesn't decide it snowflake

  • Luis Avila Dec 18, 2016
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    Tump won, let it be people. Just another president!

  • Clarence Drumgoole Dec 18, 2016
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    Is this the same Electoral College, Trump called a disaster? ha, ha