'Thankful Tuesday' rally shows support for GOP agenda

Posted July 16, 2013
Updated July 17, 2013

— About 200 supporters expressed their appreciation Tuesday for North Carolina Republicans' efforts to cut taxes, require identification before voting and make getting abortions more difficult.

Republican groups organized a "Thankful Tuesday" rally at the government complex in Raleigh to praise the GOP-led legislature and Gov. Pat McCrory for their work passing conservative policies. 

The event comes 24 hours after the 11th "Moral Monday" protest, led by the state chapter of the NAACP. More than 850 people have been arrested during those weekly demonstrations, which have drawn thousands of people from around the state to protest everything from cuts to unemployment benefits to requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls to proposed regulations on abortion clinics.

"The people who have been coming out on Mondays don't represent the North Carolina people," said Sen. Thom Goolsby, R-New Hanover, who attended Tuesday's rally. "They represent a far-left fringe."

Linda and Bill Parke of Pinehurst said they're McCrory backers and wanted to support ideas they believe North Carolina should follow. Bill Parke, 77, says the deal between the governor and top legislative leaders to cut personal and corporate taxes is a step in the right direction.

Thankful Hundreds rally to respond to 'Moral Monday' protests

State GOP leaders said the rally was not intended to mirror or compete with the "Moral Monday" protests. 

However, the GOP protesters were invited to a reception in the rotunda of the old state Capitol – an invitation not yet extended to those attending "Moral Monday" events.


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  • surfermom Jul 18, 2013

    Tyranny is taking, by force, the fruits of the labor of some, and GIVING it to others. Why is it that the truly greedy don't see it? Why do they think they deserve whatever they want, paid for by others? What's wrong with you people? Greedy. greedy, greedy (here's a hint: get a job - any job, and pay your own way, for a change) Those who CAN'T, should be helped. Those who WON'T - well you're own your own.

  • WRAL_USER Jul 18, 2013

    @ nope...
    They already are. just a majority in the illegitimate, gerrymandered legislature...

  • Mon Account Jul 18, 2013

    More like "Tyrants Tuesday".

    These people are dismantling our government, enforcing health care restrictions for women, giving to the rich, taking from the poor, deregulating the safeguards on our natural resources, and trying to privatize anything they can get their hands on, including education.

    This is tyranny, folks.

  • Nope Jul 18, 2013

    The demographic that made up this small protest is shrinking and will soon be a minority. I am thankful for that.

  • Zorg Jul 17, 2013

    "Hey, here's a thought. Get rid of both parties." 426X3 - E6

    *** Best post of the day! ***

    Pfft. Simplistic. And replace them with what?

  • WakeUpAmerica Jul 17, 2013

    Hey, here's a thought. Get rid of both parties." 426X3 - E6

    *** Best post of the day! ***

    Ole Glory

    You won my vote for Best Post of the WEEK! ;)

  • Monkey_Joe Jul 17, 2013

    Having a job and paying your bills is SO old fashioned!

    I'm so sick of partisan everything though. I dont like Fox (right wing crazy) and i dont like network news (insidiously left wing). That leaves me watching BBC news as the most unbiased source. There is something WRONG with that!

  • Working man Jul 17, 2013

    Hey samr I'm trying to convert into a democrat, can you give me a break. Now where do I sign up? Democratic national headquarters? Unemployment office? I got my ID.

  • deastwood1 Jul 17, 2013

    Anyone else notice that the majority of this crowd was old people. Yep, that makes sense. Old people supporting these old, close minded policies.

  • livinggood2 Jul 17, 2013

    Hate Website don`t fall fall for it...www.Thankfultuesdays.com