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"Stop Torture Now" Group Holds Another Protest

Posted June 9, 2007

— The Johnston County Airport was the scene Saturday of another protest by the Group "Stop Torture Now.”

The group, led by the ACLU, is targeting Aero Contractors who fly out of the small airport.

The ACLU believes the company works for the CIA hauling terrorism suspects to secret locations without due process.


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  • wralthefacistnews Jun 11, 2007

    maybe we should protest them with a new group called "Get a REAL job"

  • luv2surffish Jun 10, 2007

    these folks are put up by the aclu. professional "protesters", just like the ones at the G* summits.. worthless people who dont have lives...

  • twright530 Jun 10, 2007

    Thats right these radical Islamists should stop these brutal practices such as bombings and beheadings. Then maybe the Bush plan may have greater success.

  • floyd_lawson Jun 10, 2007

    Why even give these people any recognition. This story should be taken down to make room for antoher Paris Hilton story.

  • mep Jun 10, 2007

    Yup... these folks have nothing better to do.
    The ACLU I mean. It must be great to be paid day in and day out by the taxpayers to file trivial lawsuits.
    Terrorists should not have civil rights. You get what you give. Ask a former POW what kind of treatment they got!
    And I find it really hard to believe anyone taking a ride with the CIA to another country is totally innocent.
    WRAL... find some real news. These people do not deserve the press.

  • ncdsl Jun 10, 2007

    I have a difficult time understanding why WRAL would even give this insignificant handful of people coverage. Just stirring the pot I guess...

  • Lukey Jun 10, 2007

    I sure would like to know where "Stop Torture Now" gets their information.

  • busylady Jun 10, 2007

    hey lost souls what good are you out there why not go and volunteer at your local soup kitchen and really help the needy go to a nursing home and donate your time how stupid are you really I guess you're showing it now

  • ReallyBigYawn Jun 10, 2007

    What a waste of time. So what if they are carrying CIA personnel and terrorist? What are they going to do, blow up Aero? That would be terrorism. It looked like maybe 20 or so of them along Hyw 70 on Saturday. They had cameras and binoculars trying to read the tail numbers on planes as they take off or land. I guess in hopes of matching up the numbers with planes thought to carry terrorist. There was a very long stretch of no flights when suddenly one started to appear. They all got quiet just as they realized it was a crop duster. It must have been one of JOCO's secret crop dusters. Any way one member commented that they thought the crop duster was coming in really low as to intimidate them. Maybe they don't know what a crop duster really does. It flys LOW. Go home and do something useful with your lives. Volunteer at the homeless shelter or meals on wheels.

  • busylady Jun 10, 2007

    you people are so off track maybe if one of your family or friends were killed by these immoral fanatics you would have 2nd thoughts ecspecially if it can be prevented by one of these much needed missions I say go for it they have no rights to murder the innocent and deserve whatever they get ACLU what a joke you are you cost the puplic so much money on your stupid lawsuits you clearly need a completely different agenda and leadership