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'Stop lying to us': Vets speak out at Fayetteville VA town hall meetings

Posted September 19, 2014

— Veterans who are upset with problems at the Fayetteville VA Medical Center were given a microphone Friday night. During two town hall meetings at the hospital, some veterans said they have been mistreated.

Brian Magyar said he was turned away without seeing a doctor.

“(I was told), ‘You have to wait until tomorrow morning. There is no doctor here to see you,’” he said.

Complaints of long waits for appointments, rude staff, issues with medical bills and other problems were voiced during the two meetings, one of which was standing room only.

“For God sakes, tell your people to stop lying to us,” said Kelvin Graves. “A lot of guys are frustrated, but they are not going to say anything. But I am frustrated, which means you are going to be frustrated.”

Medical center director Elizabeth Goolsby said the veterans need to be heard. She promised to follow up and, in some cases, pointed veterans to employees who could help right away.

“Anytime they feel they did not get the best quality care, those are all my concerns,” she said.

Goolsby says she has been frustrated, too. She has been so frustrated that she recently shut down the hospital’s emergency room “because there was not sufficient staff to keep it open.” At the same time, the numbers of veterans to be served continues to grow.

Goolsby says the public forums will continue, and an advisory group will also be created. The hospital is also working with a new vendor to properly staff and reopen the emergency room.


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  • 678devilish Sep 23, 2014

    These veterans should really appreciate having the medical center. But if they go in with a lot of attitude, then you get what you get. My late father a WII veteran and my husband a Viet Nam veteran has NEVER had a problem with the VA medical center. Don't understand why many are complaining instead of being thankful.

  • kermit60 Sep 22, 2014

    And this administration wants to commit more troops in Iraq creating more veterans. The system can't keep up now. They want the soldiers to fight for whatever cause they see fit but when they are used up they want them to just go away.

  • glarg Sep 22, 2014

    Clearly they are lying.

    Its come out that the VA IG's report that there were no deaths that could be proven to result from VA incompetence took a very HIGH standard proof.

    This even though there clearly were attributable deaths to delays. But for PR reasons the IG report white washed it, and Obama is counting on that being all people remember.