'Son of 10' resurfaces in House Rules

Posted May 7, 2013
Updated May 8, 2013

— Dead bills have a way of coming back at the General Assembly, and this year's first "zombie legislation" is Senate Bill 10. 

That was the proposal to revamp state boards and commissions that was sponsored by Sen. Tom Apodaca, R-Henderson. After a contentious conference process, the House decided not to concur on the final version after discovering that it would have kept two of Gov. Pat McCrory's appointees from accepting positions as special Superior Court judges.

After that vote, Apodaca said he wasn't interested in going back to the negotiating table with the House for another try on the bill. 

The new version, House Bill 1011, was filed as a House Rules Committee bill. Like Senate Bill 10, it too is titled "Government Reorganization and Efficiency Act."

"This is the 'son of Senate Bill 10' with a few modifications," Rules Chairman Tim Moore said in committee Tuesday evening. "It's 'Little 10.'"

Moore, R-Cleveland, said "Little 10" is mostly the same as the conference report on the original bill, but it does not include language to do away with special Superior Court judges.

The new bill also doesn't include the sections that would have swept and remade the state Utilities Commission and the State Board of Elections. McCrory recently appointed a new elections board, so Moore said that provision would be "sort of moot."

The bill also deletes a provision to ban any state agency from using state funds or receipts "for the development, promotion, dissemination, or implementation of a statewide climate change action plan or adaptation strategy, unless such activities are specifically authorized by the General Assembly."

Moore said the new measure will be subject to the crossover deadline, which is May 16.

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  • kleigh444 May 8, 2013

    The boards provide safety and regulation to NC people re air, H2O, work. Don't let ALEC decide businesses can cut corners on NC quality of life!

    Keep experienced board members from all backgrounds, don't let the GOP put ALEC in charge of our state regulation of roads, land, schools and lives.