More than 150 arrested at 'Mega Moral Monday' protest

Posted June 3, 2013
Updated June 4, 2013

— A growing group of protesters converged on the state legislature Monday, in what some are calling "Mega Moral Monday," to protest the agenda of the Republican-led General Assembly. 

It was the fifth and largest demonstration planned by the state chapter of the NAACP and other civil rights groups to protest GOP policies on social programs, education, criminal justice and taxes.

Police estimated that roughly 1,000 people attended a rally late Monday afternoon behind the Legislative Building on Halifax Mall. Hundreds then entered the building. Activist groups estimated the crowd at about 1,600.

Upwards of 150 people were arrested outside the doors to the state Senate chambers, where demonstrators chanted, sang and delivered speeches decrying what they called a regressive agenda that neglects the poor. All of the protesters were released by 5 a.m. Tuesday.

The NAACP has been holding weekly protests in Raleigh since mid-April, and what started with 17 arrests and tens of supporters back then has grown every week, bringing the total number of arrests to nearly 300 after five weeks of protests.

"The people are awake now, and we have decided to stand up," state NAACP chapter president Rev. William Barber told the crowd Monday. "We are a movement. This is not a moment."

Mega Moral Monday arrests Protest against NC GOP policies nets 151 arrests

Groups ranging from abortion-rights supporters to environmentalists and public educators have joined the rallies, which have attracted people from Greensboro to Rocky Mount.

Protesters have been seeking to call attention to the rightward shift of the state legislature, which was dominated for decades by moderate Democrats.

Thus far, Republican lawmakers say those groups have a right to protest but are not swaying lawmakers.

"We are keeping our promises to voters, and that is what we are doing," said state Sen. Thom Goolsby, a Republican from Wilmington. "The Democrats totally bankrupted our state and we were trying to fix it."


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  • Justic4All Jun 11, 2013

    I say slap cold steel on their wrist bones, double the fine and time every time they repeat the crime.

  • Justic4All Jun 11, 2013

    Yup, amazing, 5 weeks, 300 arrests, that's 60 a week on the average. Media is all over it, creating hype for mmm, are these the same groups that occupied Raleigh last year? Abortion rights, bankers wrongs, educators seeking education, bums looking for the free meal, (Raleigh jail has spaghetti on Mon), oh and lets not forget the host of this fiesta, NAACP. I have I covered the rainbow of usual whiners yet? Get a grip, get a life, do something useful for a change. Volunteer to help elder and homeless or something. Really getting tiresome seeing these people whine whine whine and not knowing why. What a waste of humanity.

  • Plenty Coups Jun 5, 2013

    crumps-"The truth is coming out about Barrys boondoggle."

    Yep, sure its is. Been hearing this for years.

  • goldenosprey Jun 5, 2013

    "in North Carolina. More than half the voters in that state voted for Democratic representation, yet Republicans will fill about 70 percent of the seats."-junkmail

    Combine this with the Egregious and Egregious Lite tax bills under consideration and you have Taxation without Representation.

  • junkmail5 Jun 5, 2013

    Ah, actually, yeah, it was even WORSE in NC specifically-


    "in North Carolina. More than half the voters in that state voted for Democratic representation, yet Republicans will fill about 70 percent of the seats."

  • junkmail5 Jun 5, 2013

    The majority voted REPUBLICAN- Dnut

    Not nationally they didn't (which I assume is what he's talking about- though it wouldn't surprise me if the NC local races were similar)

    House Democratic candidates got 49.15 percent of the vote, Republicans got 48.03 percent

    But thanks to gerrymandering, republicans got a majority of the seats.

  • Coach K is still GREAT Jun 5, 2013

    BTW Coach K's teams tend to choke in tourneys unless he surrounds himself with NBA olympians.goldenosprey
    --- cont'd---
    Coach K has more NC'S than Dean or Roy, State has been a non factor for 30 years and if you're a Seahawks fan, the only thing you should be concerned with is losing you swim team,b/c that's all you've got! Coach K is surrounded by pro's b/c they want HIM!

    Have a nice day...

  • Dnut Jun 5, 2013

    "1000 people? Big Deal! A lot more people showed up at the protest I attended..it was call THE POLLS!!! Keep up the good work GOP." angry
    and the majority of them voted for democrats.
    June 4, 2013 4:51 p.m.
    >>>Not only is this a LIE, but I'm thinking you need some mental health treatement, because your living in a fantasy world. The majority voted REPUBLICAN, not I, but the majority..I don't vote straight ticket...

  • Coach K is still GREAT Jun 5, 2013

    The vast majority of protestors do not get arrested.
    Coach K - If you are 42 years old you should be scared that republicans are going to defund and privatize social security in the next 25 years. The gov has long spent a lot on foreign aid but it is chickenfeed compared to medicare and defense spending. Soc Sec. is easily made solvent with 2 or three adjustments. I would not talk about how much Obama has spent in foreign aid when COngress spends the money, and they have been doing so with Bush's budget. Given how much Bush wasted in foreign endeavors, it is a joke to impugn Obama over this.
    BTW Coach K's teams tend to choke in tourneys unless he surrounds himself with NBA olympians.

    Keep believing in you leader, lies and more lies, but the fact is you can't trust him.

  • mrman2a Jun 5, 2013

    If I can't have my way,I will waste your money.