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'Hit list' prompts charges against Chapel Hill student

Posted February 14, 2011

— An East Chapel Hill High School student has been charged in connection with a "hit list" on Facebook that was created two weeks ago in the school's computer lab, police said Monday.

Shiquitta Marie Moore, 16, of 176 St. Andrews Lane, Apt. 357 in Chapel Hill, was charged Friday with three counts of cyberstalking. She was released into her mother's custody and is scheduled to appear in court on March 3.

East Chapel Hill High administrators disciplined two students over the hit list, which they characterized as a prank. No other students were in danger, they said.

A second student faces similar charges in juvenile court, police said.


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  • Feb 15, 2011


    Sorry to burst your race conspiracy theory... In the eyes of the court and the press, adulthood starts at 16. That's why the name of the other suspect was withheld.

  • Feb 15, 2011


    It's "hilarious."

  • Internet Hate Machine 4 Feb 15, 2011

    lol. Shiquitta

  • lilhorn1126 Feb 15, 2011

    They shouldn't be allowed on websites like facebook at school anyway. The computer lab should be for school related assignments and papers for those students who don't have the resources at home!

  • Timetogo Feb 15, 2011

    I think it's halarious that so many blame the parents when the child gets in trouble. When we PAY kids to have kids.. who have no jobs, no education (either drop out or continue to be problems in the classroom), have no respect for themselves or others, expect the government to take care of them and their kids, walk the streets at night causing problems, dealing in drugs and/or joining gangs.. What do you expect to have? We hold no one accountable for their actions. We blame society for all the problems. Who is society? We ALL are. If we aren't part of the solution then we're just perpetuating the problems.. and it ain't gonna get any better until we stop making excuses.

  • lipstixrunr Feb 15, 2011

    Just curious - but how to we know what kind of parent Miss Moore has?

  • wildcat Feb 15, 2011

    parents spare the rod and spoil the child, its as simple as that.

    if the parent did not spare the rod at 2 and up, what do you think they can do to the child one it is middle school or high school age. The parent failed and the child knows it.

  • bluered5858 Feb 15, 2011

    justin thats the problem,your attitude toward right and wrong ,and good and bad,children are not getting the love and disiplin they need from there parents,wake up parents spare the rod and spoil the child, its as simple as that.

  • wildcat Feb 15, 2011

    This also show what kind of parents these children have. Some parents have no idea and really don't care what their children do.

  • wildcat Feb 15, 2011

    Whenever we can lay the smack down on bullies and make examples of them we should!!!!

    Once the evidence and proof shows these kids did this, then they should face their consequences and learn a valuable hard lesson. Shows what kind of person they have.