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"Heat Days" Leaving Students Sweating

Posted September 5, 2013

Thanks to changes in the school year schedule, many schools are starting in early to mid-August instead of after Labor Day, as has been traditional. In some communities, that's not a big problem (other than for kids who would prefer a few more weeks of freedom, that is). But in the hot and humid reaches of the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast, it's creating major problems in some schools.

We took a look at sweltering Chicago schools last week, and it turns out the phenomenon isn't limited to the Windy City. Schools across the country are struggling to keep their students comfortable without air conditioning on hot days, using cold towels, fans, and other makeshift measures. Some parents and students are furious, arguing that schools need to be outfitted with air conditioning, or the school year needs to start later.

We don't blame them; it's hard to concentrate when the weather is so hot, and it must be doubly hard for students still adjusting to their return to school. It's time to seriously evaluate school schedules and commit more funds to schools, because students shouldn't be dripping sweat at their desks. HVAC contractors in Atlanta, Houston, and other hot aeas of the US only need to hear the word to move in to school buildings and get them modernized for the comfort of students, teachers, and staff alike.

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