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'Click it or Ticket' campaign yields more than 13,254 violations

Posted June 9, 2010

— State and local law enforcement officers issued more than 13,254 seat belt and child passenger safety violations during the national “Click it or Ticket” mobilization.

During more than 8,000 checkpoints and stepped-up patrols across North Carolina, officers also charged 2,270 motorists with driving while impaired and issued a total of 6,769 criminal violations, including 1,599 drug charges, the recovery of 68 stolen vehicles and the arrest of 729 fugitives.

"As the summer travel season begins, this campaign served as a reminder to always buckle up,” N.C. Transportation Secretary Gene Conti said in a statement. “I thank all the law enforcement agencies that dedicated their time to ensuring North Carolinians stayed safe over the Memorial Day holiday.”

The campaign ran from May 24 through June 6 and was administered by the N.C. Governor’s Highway Safety Program.


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  • wayneboyd Jun 10, 2010

    I'm already getting on the state for allowing people to drive who shouldn't be. As far as I know the state has never failed to issue anyone a license who has applied for one. And highway statistics prove this is a mistake.
    I've had a license since 1954 and have one traffic conviction, rolling through a stop sign.
    When a person is convicted of DUI they do not take his license, they revoke or suspend them for a given amount of time. He is directed by the courts not to drive during this time, but the courts know he's not going to abide by this and they also know that sometime during the suspension he will be caught in violation again, and if he had no license they could not bring any other charges against him other than no operators license. Unless of course his violation involves damages to property or bodily harm, these fall under criminal law and can be prosecuted whether the driver has a license or not.

  • MakoII Jun 10, 2010


    I'm not getting your point. A Blind person can drive because they PAY for the highways? It's not a Privilege?

    You'd be the FIRST to get on the State for allowing people to drive who should drive.

    Why take a persons license away after a DUI then? It's their right. They still pay taxes.

    You're argument is weeeeeeeak...

  • wayneboyd Jun 10, 2010

    My sentiments exactly JDLewis, the state furnishes exactly zero when it comes to my transportation, theat's my highway, my car, I pay the insurance, buy the tags, pay the taxes and upkeep and buy the gas which, by the way has a hefty N.C. road "use" tax attached and that gives me a right not a privilege to consume that gas on my highway. The privilege license that I voluntarily sign for allows them the privilege to extort money from me for non compliance for their general statutes. Every license issued by the state is a privilege license, ie real estate, convenience store, attorney, electrical, plumbing and general contractors, doctors etc.

  • MakoII Jun 10, 2010

    IF safety and saving lives were the issue, they could just as easily Temporarily Revoke your driving privilege for a day, instead of taking food money away from you.

    Why is it always MONEY and not tackling the "privilege"?

  • McLovin Jun 10, 2010

    Thats why I said I personally beleive...

    So heres my explanation that should inform YOU sst100 of my opinion: AHEM...according to the article 13254 seat belt violations were handed out amongst the other violations, including DUI, drug posession, etc. The article did not state how many of those violations were handed out at the 8000 check points across the state. I got a seat belt ticket by getting pulled over on the road. If it took more than 8000 check point to yeild the total of 24621 violations according to the article, that just over 3 violations per check point. Odds are that some of the check points didnt yeild any violations. Do you really think SST100, that the fines generated for these violations exceeded the money it cost to pay the LEO's for overtime and night pay???

    There is my informed opinion...now you can disect it and make comments

  • sst100 Jun 10, 2010

    "I personally beleive the money the state wasted on these checkpoints to catch unbuckled drivers wasted more money than it generated.- Mclovin"

    Great. Show me where that is true. If you can't, you should not offer uninformed opinions.

  • McLovin Jun 10, 2010

    For the people saying that seat belts should be worn...me not wearing a seat belt is not going to save your life if an accident occurs. While seat belts do help save lives if a person is in an accident, if people werent such bad drivers (see MakoII's comments), then accidents would not occur that often.

    I personally beleive the money the state wasted on these checkpoints to catch unbuckled drivers wasted more money than it generated.

  • sst100 Jun 10, 2010

    After my work on the rescue squad, which included several instances of trying to find parts of people who were thrown from their vehicles, I am all for the LEOs doing this. All of you who believe this is a money grab should do a ride along with a rescue squad on Friday or Saturday night. You probably won't; if you do, you will never question wearing a seat belt again.

  • MakoII Jun 10, 2010

    More deaths occur due to talking on a cell phone than not wearing a seat belt.

    More deaths occur by changing the radio channel than by not wearing a seat belt.

    More deaths occur by swatting or freaking out over an insect than not wearing a seat belt.

    More deaths occur from going off the right shoulder and over-correcting, than not wearing a seat belt.

    If they wanted to save lives, they'd ban Cell Phones, Radios, Taking your Hands off the Wheel, and have DOT actually PAVE some shoulders on road sides.

    But they don't. They can SEE the seatbelt better, and use it as a TAX.

    I'm not against wearing seat belts. But let Insurance drive that. If they didn't cover you without a seatbelt, you'd start wearing one anyways. Or not be covered. Your choice.

  • Lead by Example Jun 10, 2010

    "If I want to fly through my windshield that is my right" -kmichael

    Tell that to any/all family members and loved ones you have. If you would actually tell them that then I can only feel sorry for you.