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'Booze It and Lose It' nabs more than 5,000

Posted September 10, 2009

— Gov. Bev Perdue praised law enforcement officers Thursday for stopping more than 5,000 drunk drivers over the course of the state's three-week “Booze it and Lose it” campaign.

Statewide, authorities issued more than 100,000 criminal and traffic citations between Aug. 21-Sept. 7.

Officers conducted more than 10,500 sobriety checkpoints and dedicated patrols. Wake County had the greatest number of DWI arrests, 254, followed by Mecklenburg (229) and Guilford (149).


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  • GWALLY Sep 10, 2009

    .."Are you suggesting that pot smokers don't drive while high? Come on now........... Common Sense Man.."

    Never happen....they just gotta do the drive thru thang or a pantry run!!!!

  • GWALLY Sep 10, 2009

    100,000 citations yield (approx) @ 200 bucks per ticket = 20 million dollars for NC....I think the good gov. has just discovered a NEW revenue stream!!! Could call this the "education booze program" you know to "help" the schools like the "education lottery"...!!!!!

  • GWALLY Sep 10, 2009

    Why stop with 3 weeks...????? That would be over 86,000 drunks off the road if this were a year round effort!!!!!!

  • Boot-the-DC-Tyrant Sep 10, 2009

    "i guarantee NYC, DC etc have far, far lower DWI levels simply because there are ways to get home that are affordable."

    Cities such as NYC are designed to be a pedestrian city. Take a look at parking in NYC. It's close to zero for the average person going in for tourism. It was planned to be that way. In fact, most CBD's (central business districts) are designed to be mainly for pedestrians. So, as you say, the number of DWI's in NYC would be much lower, that would be why.Doesn't really have anything to do with costs of taxis. On the streets of NYC, there is nothing but a sea of yellow taxis with a few brave personal cars scattered in.

  • Common Sense Man Sep 10, 2009

    "100,000 citations 5,000 DWI citations

    So 95% are for other items....this isn't about finding drunk drivers. Obviously these checkpoints are to find other things wrong, hence the incredibly low percent of DWIs compared to all other citations."

    Uhhhhh, or maybe other violations occur more than DWIs. That shouldn't be too difficult to comprehend.

    "What? You don't have insurance? Ok, we'll just let you go, we're only looking for DWIs." That's how it should be?

  • Common Sense Man Sep 10, 2009

    "Yet alcohol is legal and marijuana is not. The difference is, pot smokers stay home on the couch and don't hurt anybody..."

    Are you suggesting that pot smokers don't drive while high? Come on now...........

  • Da Toy Maker Sep 10, 2009

    "I think it sounds like a lot like extortion as long as your asking. You will change your tune when they pull you over and shake you down for having a marker light out or your window tint is a shade too dark, etc....just sayin" by smbiz


    Why is it extortion? I have gone through Check Points. Never have any problem. ON the other hands, I have paid my fair share for traffic violation, etc. I have had lights not working and the PO just asked me to fix. Always wear my seat belt, etc. If you have your windows tinted, you should know what is acceptable making sure it meets the law requirement. There is a reason why it requires the tinted not be too dark so that LEO could see what is going on inside the vehicle when he/she pull one over.

    Don't you think if more people are being responsible for themselves, we will not need this?? Just my thoughts.

  • wiseowl Sep 10, 2009

    until we do more to educate immigrant communities and do more for affordable transit DWIs will keep on going up.

    no one wants to pay as much for a cab as they spent drinking that night, so they just drive home.

    i guarantee NYC, DC etc have far, far lower DWI levels simply because there are ways to get home that are affordable.

  • mxteam44 Sep 10, 2009

    Remember, the court costs just recently went way up! They needed to fill the courtrooms so they could cash in! Not talking about the drunk drivers, but the other 195,000 citations they handed folks.

  • Tax Man Sep 10, 2009

    Should be zero tolerance for DWI - no one should drive a motor vehicle or boat with any alcohol or drugs in their system - there must be one friend or family member who can stay sober and drive!

    The sobriety checkpoints should operate year round 365 days a year - moving from place to place. If you are sober and you have a legal car, a license and are insured you are fine - but this will also help eradicate the illegal aliens who do not have drivers licenses but still drive! Catch and deport them! Lock up the drunks and druggies! Make sure those vehicles are licensed and insured! Praise for the NCHP and all our LEOs! Thanks for keeping us safe.